Automate routine communications with your patients.

Clinic Initiated Communications

Patients don’t know what preventive care they need. They rely on their doctors for such care and hope to learn about required screening during annual exam or well child visit. Unfortunately, only 44M Americans get annual exam in a year. Only a tiny fraction of Medicare patients take advantage of AWV (Annual Wellness Visit), even though it is paid by Medicare. Postcards and email reminders are at best marginally effective because they still require patients to call the clinic during normal business hours to schedule the visit.

Under Value-Based Care physicians are responsible for ensuring that patients get recommended preventive care.

SimplifiMed integrates with leading EHRs and enables clinics to conduct semaless closed-loop outreach to patients. SimplifiMed educates patients with a bite-size message and then helps them schedule the visit interactively- all using SMS.

Patient Initiated Communications

Patients dread calling their doctor’s office and waiting on phone for routine things such as appointments or medication refills. Moreover, patients often realize that they need a refill, either early in the morning or late at night- when your office is closed. The result- frantic patients calling for refill as they run out of medications and physicians getting disrupted up to 20 times/day.

SimplifiMed eliminates patient’s hold time over the phone and enables them to schedule/reschedule/cancel an appointment or request a refill in under 60 seconds 24/7.

So, not only patients schedule more visits, they also proactively cancel or reschedule a visit, thus reducing no-show rate. Ease of medication refill also improves patients’ adherence and positively impacts your quality score.