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How SimplifiMed Helps Clinics

What do we do?

Your office makes hundreds of calls every day and leaves voice messages for patients. In most cases, patients don’t respond, have to wait for office hours or hang up due to long wait times. The result is patients don’t get the care they need, your staff is burdened and your revenue drops.

SimplifiMed is a 24/7, multilingual assistant for engaging patients, using 2-way interactive texting, automating the workflows and making transactions directly in your EHR.

SimplifiMed supported workflows include:

  • Preventive care recall with option to self-schedule
  • Chronic care follow-up or recall with option to self-schedule
  • Appointment reminders with options to confirm, cancel, or reschedule
  • No-show follow up with option to reschedule appointment
  • Pre and post procedure follow up with alerts to care team
  • Patient surveys and online reviews
  • Medication fulfilment to boost adherence

Why users love SimplifiMed?

“This is a

- A large clinic chain, Arizona

“My no-shows have
gone down by 75%”

- Ophthalmology Practice, Indiana

“Relieving workload of the office staff is exceedingly beneficial”

- FQHC, California

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