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Medication management impacts 17 out of 33 criterion to
calculate ACO bonus. Unfortunately, all the physicians in an ACO
don’t use the same EHR, making it impossible to manage medications.

Poor medication
management eroding
your ACO bonus?

SimplifiMed helps ACOs keep patients healthy while allowing
physicians to continue using EHR of their choice.

Using SimplifiMed is … well, simple!

Physician prescribes SimplifiMed

Patient downloads SimplifiMed app.

Patient builds profile

No need to enter data manually. Just take a few pictures.


Manage medications and intervene when needed.

Easy & Simple - No Interface Needed!

We know that it’s financially impossible to build interfaces between different EHRs used in your ACO. At the same time, we know that relying on patients to enter the information manually is a non-starter.

SimplifiMed’s patent-pending technology populates patient’s profile with all the relevant information without requiring manual data entry or interface between EHRs.

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