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Managing chronic patients is key to your success in value-based care.
This includes identifying care gaps, conducting outreach,
and ensuring medication adherence.

Manage 10x
chronic patients
with the existing staff.

SimplifiMed helps your staff manage 10x more chronic patients
by combining artificial intelligence, texting, and pharmacy data.

Using SimplifiMed is … well, simple!

Identify care gaps

Proactively intervene to reduce ER visits / hospitalization.

Counduct outreach

Motivate patients to adopt healthy habits.

Ensure patient compliance

Conduct med reconciliation & ensure adherence.

We simplify the shift to value-based care by enabling your case managers perform at the top of their license. Instead of duplicative data entry and playing phone tag, they can now focus on providing care.

You can start with SimplifiMed with ZERO duplicative data entry, today! Over the long-term you can maximize value derived from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) by integration.

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