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Your clinical staff aspires to reduce disruption to you as you see patients.
They aspire to manage chronic patients so that patients’ health improve
and ER visits go down.

What does
your clinical staff
aspire to do, Doctor?

But they are stuck performing routine activities and manual follow up,
using 1-on-1 phone communications. Now you can automate such routine activities
and enable your clinical staff to perform at the top of their license
to keep patients healthy and make your clinic more profitable.

Using SimplifiMed is … well, simple!

Automate routine tasks

Make appointments, refills meds, and remind patients using texting.

Manage chronic patients

Provide guidance to chronic patients and proactively intervene.

Ensure patient compliance

Conduct med reconciliation & ensure adherence.

We simplify the shift to value-based care by enabling your clinical staff perform at the top of their license. And your patients like it too… they never liked listening to music while waiting
on the phone.

You can start with SimplifiMed with ZERO duplicative data entry, today! Over the long-term you can maximize value derived from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) by integration.

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